Live Web Streaming Services for Your Organization


Studio Zauscher does live streaming, recording, and editing of any live show or corporate meeting. In addition to producing the entire live video part of any event, we also have custom web video communication platforms available. We design web applications for live audiences to log in and participate along with the physical audience. We offer secure login features available with SSL encryption on any available top level domain (your .com of choice). We are live streaming technology experts and have been dealing with the latest web video protocols and standards for the last decade. We have customized scalable video delivery platforms and servers that we launch on the cloud, so you don't have to worry about third party accounts or corporate security issues. We deliver content securely, efficiently, and effectively anywhere around the world. Our web application lets you determine what login information you want to capture from viewers and keep track of their participation. We generate reports for you after the event is done, and we can securely store your video for on-demand viewing after the event is over.